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With a base in The Netherlands and Italy, OVVIO Solutions provides interim HR management and services to international companies anywhere in Europe. Our expertise is in staffing & recruitment, people strategy, local content, HR projects, talent management, and Operations.

Staffing & Recruitment

Finding semi-skilled and skilled workers has become increasingly difficult. For some entrepreneurs, this challenge is aggravated by the loss of knowledge and widening skillset gap caused by the aging of existing and experienced staff, along with ineffective retention strategies. This is a dangerous combination that can damage the reputation of an entrepreneur and pose a serious threat to the long-term sustainability of the business.

Ovvio Solutions can assist you in developing and implementing strategies, programs, and procedures to overcome this modern-day challenge. Do you want to find out how we can help you attract, retain and develop your workforce?  Contact us!

People Strategy

Establishing a People Strategy that strongly contributes to your business strategy, and which enables your employees to be fully engaged, can be very challenging.

Ovvio Solutions can bring a fresh approach to your People Strategy by developing and implementing innovative plans that span the full employee life cycle.

Our plans focus on establishing a tailored talent attraction strategy, embedding leadership within talent development, assessing the “health” of company culture through people engagement surveys, and promoting the desired leadership behaviors with enhanced performance assessment tools.

Contact us to create a consistent People Strategy where talent acquisition, training, engagement, performance, recognition, and organizational development are integrated. Grow people in line with your business strategy.

Local Content

Transferring skills and know-how to the local workforce, as part of a larger Local Content commitment, requires a specific strategy. Whilst your focus is to deliver high-quality projects in a safe, time-efficient and cost-effective way, it is often easy to overlook the complexity of meeting Local Content requirements.

By assessing your scope, the project’s manpower needs and the local availability of required skills, Ovvio Solutions can support you in the preparation of balanced Local Content commitments and design “fit for purpose” manpower, recruitment, training, and know-how transfer plans.

Are you bidding or approaching the execution of a project that includes Local Content requirements? Contact us or find out more…

HR Projects

When developing or implementing new HR programs, processes or systems Ovvio Solutions can assist you with extra capacity and in-depth knowledge of project management tools and HR implementations.

We provide development and implementation services for the following HR projects:

  • department setup
  • performance management systems
  • L&D programs
  • functions ladders, salary scales, and compensation policies
  • secondary labor conditions
  • training, personal and leadership development plans
  • preparation of processes, procedures, work instructions, and documents

Contact us for more information.

Talent Management

Finding and retaining talents is challenging in the current demand-driven market. Companies require talent management programs that strengthen employees’ sense of purpose, engagement, and company-aligned values.

The talent management approach of Ovvio Solutions integrates talent acquisition, performance management, skills assessment, personal and leadership development, internal mobility, succession planning, and coaching programs. Our approach will help your company to attract, retain, and develop critical talent; position them in the right place within the organization, and ensure their commitment. 

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HR Operations

Ovvio Solutions can assist in structuring a number of cyclical and operational HR processes, or help your company implement HR analytics that support data-driven strategic decisions.

We implement and structure:

  • HR analytics
  • KPIs and reporting
  • employee services
  • HR processes and systems (HRIS)
  • time keeping
  • payroll
  • and annual HR cycles

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I am Cesare Mario Pagani, founder of Ovvio Solutions, and I am an experienced professional with a pragmatic yet innovative approach to business. I am energized by connecting with people from all different “walks of life”, cultures and creeds.

Over the past eighteen years, Italy, The Netherlands, India, Angola, and Singapore are places I have been able to call home.

I’ve had the fortune to meet, learn from and work alongside many extraordinary professionals in different countries and, blessed by these opportunities, acquired professional skills and competences in HRM strategy, people development and large-scale staffing and crewing operations.

I am passionate about making a positive impact on society and people’s lives, and I strive to achieve that by doing business with integrity and fairness, enabling people to use their best talents and focusing on the organization’s goals as an entrepreneur.

Cesare M. Pagani